Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit contains 5 photos + both short and full bio pdf files

The question most asked of vocalist Josephine Beavers is:  “Where have you been?!”

The answer is a circuitous one, beginning with following in the footsteps of her mother, Laura Joy, a Washington D.C. jazz-circuit singer.  Josephine’s first foray as a vocalist was sidelined as she (temporarily) traded her burgeoning singing career for marriage, supporting her husband Bob’s stellar business career and rearing a family of four marvelous children.

That is not to say that Josephine’s vocal talents were not called into service throughout the years — most notably for performances ranging from opening the show for the great Count Basie Orchestra at Chicago’s historic Regal Theater to always being on call to perform at the many lavish parties thrown by McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc.

Finally, in the mid-1990s, Jo Beavers stepped forward, recording her breakthrough album at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and spending the next few years seriously developing her own live-performance chops.  But, not long after the turn of this century, family and other business responsibilities came calling, and once again Josephine temporarily chose to place her microphone back in the stand.

That is until now. The year 2019 marks Josephine’s return to the stage and studio.  She now begins recording a new album (once again with pianist/arranger/producer Ed Vodicka), and her initial work “Yesterday Is Now” is being digitally remastered for re-release, this time including three additional, never-heard selections from the original sessions.